Timothy Starling
Fused Copper Squirrel And Tree Branch
Fused Copper Squirrel
Fused Copper Leaves
Fused Copper Tree Branch Detail
Fused Copper Cattail Sculpture
Fused Copper Tree
Fused Copper Tree Elenor
Fused Copper Bullfrog
Fused Copper Fantail Coral
Timothy Starling Show Tent

Timothy Starling a Copper Sculpture Artist

Timothy Starling is an American and Virginian native sculpture artist who designs and transforms copper into a magical world of handmade botanical organic art. His distinctive technique breathes life into a new vibrant hybrid breed of the garden plants that we adore. His conviction is that gardens revive the soul and copper is the perfect medium to metamorphize art into a benevolent stimulus for a civilized society.

Timothy’s themes display the artist’s fascination with botany and hammered copper metal. Norfolk Botanical Gardens inspires many of his concepts for his artistry. His relationship with Norfolk Botanical Gardens extends to their generous exhibit of his seven-foot-wide copper tree chandelier in their Garden Cafeteria for the year 2017.

Timothy’s first juried art contest led to a second-place award for the 2nd Annual Nature's Beauty Art Contest with the International Gallery of Arts in Toronto, Canada. Their 2017 summer edition of Exquisite Arts Magazine also featured an article on his art.

Timothy is an associative member of the National Sculpture Society . For more than 120 years, NSS members have created, exhibited, collected and supported the evolving tradition in American sculpture. NSS continues to support sculpture today as an active, vital, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Custom, botanical, and whimsical hammered copper art are Timothy's focus for unique art collectors. Frogatude is Timothy's latest fused art collectible. His fused copper frog leaning on a calla lily and a walking cane with his legs crossed, and with a back-drop of a calla lily leaf will make you smile for joy through the creative process of his mind!

Eloise Dreams is completed! A life size hammered copper squirrel, resting on a seven foot copper branch, but not any branch. A complete art work that is made of 100% copper. Eloise's tail is made up of approximately 700 feet of 22 gauge copper wire, fused to a copper center core. The branch is fused with copper from beginning to end for an extra-ordinary knarly, bark branch. You will not find a more realistic handmade designed art work then Eloise Dreams! Image displayed in the picture slider above and in the gallery.

New sculpture scene for July 2018! A new design of a copper scene of a giant coral fantail in a coral reef. Coral growing up the side of the canyon with ground copper to emulate sand. Tall, gangly sea grass swept to the side as the current runs through the canyon. Details are down to the granular level in this copper art scene of ocean currents and coral canyons in this art sculpture. Image displayed in the picture slider above and in the gallery.

New sculpture scene for January 2023! A new design for a copper waterfall for Doctor Ryan Boylan of Chesapeake, Virginia. This dramatic waterfall has sweeping waves that undulate downward in a blue patina with two goupings of water lilies and flowers. His logo and initials are centered as the focus point. A 1/2 inch sheet of glass maintains the surface for the custom water jets to deliver the water to the waterfall. This emense water fall is 7 feet tall by 33 inch wide. The video is located in the about page.

Fused copper is made by heating copper to 1,983 ℉ and removing the heat source to allow the metal to bond as it cools. Heating two different pieces through fusing copper to become one, alleviates the use of a solder or a foreign substance. The final product is all copper and may appear to be a cast, but in my work, it is the controlled process of layering or joining of copper to build a unique body of art that I design through my minds eye.

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Reviews for Timothy Starling

"So beautiful Timothy! And thank YOU !" - Norfolk Botanical Gardens Wedding Events - Connie Miller

"We found your pieces to be very beautiful and creative. Amazing work!" - Gallery Director - International Gallery Of The Arts (IGOA) - Monique Jackson

"It was a pleasure to meet with you last week and look at your works. I am pleased to relay that the jury has unanimously agreed to welcome you to the d'Art Center as an associate artist in 2018!"- d'Art Center Director - Norfolk, VA - Carolyn Philips

"His works are crafted in pure copper, which I think is quite rare. Pure copper requires detailed, careful handling, as it is so soft and malleable, compared to its much stronger relatives, bronze or brass. But first we should revise a couple of historical and scientific facts."Classical Copper Art - Australia - Julie - Proof Reading Editor

"Thank you for your application for membership into Chesapeake Bay Art Association, Timothy. Your work has been reviewed by our membership committee, and we are very pleased to accept you as a new member."CBAA Membership Chair - Norfolk, VA - Sheila Nash

"Congratulations on being accepted to the 15th Annual Port Warwick Art & Sculpture Festival! The Jury met yesterday and it was all “Yay’s”. Your sculpture pieces are beautiful and we look forward to you being here." Executive Director Port Warwick Foundation - Newport News, VA - Jackie Shapir

"Congratulations! Your work has been selected for competition at the 2019 Stockley Gardens Fall Arts Festival to be held October 19th and 20th, 2019. The artistic integrity of our show is of great importance to us, and your work has been selected for display because of its outstanding quality." Festival Coordinator Hope House Foundation - Norfolk, VA - Laura Janosko

"Congratulations! You have been invited to participate in the 65th Annual Boardwalk Art Show!" Boardwalk Art Show Director - Virginia Beach, VA - Ashley Lambert